7 November 2010

Lots of complaining online today about the time change, including me. I hate it. But what I'm hearing is a lot of We don't need Daylight Savings Time Anymore.

Ow, Contrair, mis amis.

(That's french for WhuuuT? Shut the Fark up!)

What we don't need is Standard time. I want DST. I want my extra light at the end of the day, because farkit I'm night blind (as I remind everyone every freaking year) and I hate pushing the clock back and getting that light in the morning.

Plus, DST = energy saving.
For real.
I read it on the Internet.

Oh, and it's Daylight Saving Time. No plural on the "saving." I read that on the Internet, too. "Savings we bank; we are not banking extra daylight."

Yeah, someone has a stick up their ass on that, but it kinda makes sense.

Either way... I freaking hate changing the clock back.


Angel and Kirby said...

I have never felt the 'loss' of the hour. But it is maddening that it gets dark by 5:30

Em said...

I'm no fan of DST either...but I do enjoy the actual day it happens cause we get that extra hour of sleep!

And thanks for the French lesson. :)

Roses said...

Thumper, I wish we'd keep Daylite Saving Time year-round, too.

Who the hell likes driving home in the dark at 5pm?

At least they pushed the changes deeper into the winter months so Standard Time is shorter.

David E. Francis said...


I don't care whether it is Daylight Time or Standard Time; just leave it the heck alone!

I don't see how Daylight Time saves energy; not in this 24 hour a day, 7 days a week world. There are 24 hour cable, television, and radio stations; businesses, stores, and malls open 24/7; heating or cooling units that operate 24/7; and the all the things computers do, (internet, for example).

I am one of those people whose body gets a little messed up when the time changes.


Anonymous said...

Nice clock....


Derby, Ducky said...

Mum disagrees, she hates to get up in the dark.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

I have the hardest time with this fall change every year.
-sss's mom

Marti said...

I don't like "standard" time either.

Sleepypete said...

Totally agree. It's dark by the time I set out for home from work but there's a few hours of daylight wasted in the morning. Plus there's the need to thump the alarm clock to get it to change (it's old and the buttons don't work so well).

But if we pick one, I pick British Summer Time cos it allows more time for cricket in the evening :-)

Lemon Stand said...

I truly want to commit homicide... again... on my husband's alarm clock. Last time I threw it against the wall... it's about 20 years old. But the husband is having a love affair with that alarm clock. He resurrected it after he got home... I had even posted the obituary... (He's gone again and the temptation is really killin' me... ) :o)