7 September 2010

In the interest of giving me some additional time walking hills, the Spouse Thingy and I headed for San Francisco again. Bonus: the BART train didn't smell like pee today. Since it's a 45 minute ride from Concord to the place we get off of the train, that's a definite plus.

As soon as we got there we met up with Diva Kitty's Mom for lunch at Max's (who knew Max had a side endeavor? Not surprised it involves food, though...) ...hell, we've lived within 40 miles for years and just now got around to meeting. Stupidly, there are no pictures. We had a camera, didn't even think of taking pictures.

Afterward, Mike and I headed out to walk, and the first steep street we encountered was this one...from the bottom. And we walked up.

Holy carp...the picture doesn't do it justice. It felt a hell of a lot steeper than it seems looking at this.

My knee decided halfway up that it was stupid steep.

But...once at the top we were rewarded with this view (click the image to biggify)...peeking through the buildings, you can see the Bay Bridge. I would guess that on a clearer day, it would be even more noticeable.

We spent about 5 hours walking around, but probably only 90 minutes or so was hills.

Face it, after not too long, walking steep streets fades from a good workout into unbridled masochism. And that's not something in which one should engage publically.

So, we walked around China Town, went to the Cheesecake Factory, and then to Westlake mall for the hell of it.

China Town
Union Square from TCF
Westlake Mall, looking up
There's still a couple of weeks left before the Walk...that's a couple more opportunities to go walk the inclines and see more of the city.

It's a hardship, truly ;)


Angel and Kirby said...

THat is beautiful walking areas.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Congrats on the workouts on the hills! Where we live now (Cleveland suburb) everything is pretty much flat. Your pictures make me homesick for the hills at home (Pittsburgh)!

My parents still live in the house we grew up in. The houses are your standard distance apart in a small town (maybe 20 feet). The house up above us on the hill was one full story higher. Their first floor was equivalent to our second floor. It was great fun as kids to sled down the sidewalks!

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos

sandee said...

If you "biggify" shot 31, it does look pretty tough. Keep on walking!
(Shh, don't let my bird know I commenting on a cat's staff blog.)