26 September 2010

It's hot out, I was walking around the Factory Outlet stores, and I needed something to drink. A whole lot of something; I wasn't sure if my thirst was gripping because of the heat, because my DDAVP was wearing off early, or a combination, but it was fairly significant. So I wandered into the kinda-sorta food court, got a large soft drink (McD's is spoiling me with their $1 large...I was annoyed at having to pop for $2...) and found a table to sit at.

I could have kept wandering around, but not knowing if I'd need a refill or five, I stayed put. And I slammed that sucker back, draining it in less than two minutes, and was refilling it before most people would have taken their third sip.

You know what happens when you slam back a soft drink? And then another?

Things happen that most teenage boys would be proud of. I felt the offending bubbles pushing against my stomach, and knew there was no holding this back. If I let it loose, it would reverberate off the walls. But I have a modicum of control and managed to squelch it somewhat, but there was no mistaking that growling kind of sound coming from me was a healthy burp.

Just as I was congratulating myself for not letting it rip as loud as I could have, at the tail end of what seemed like the endless stream of belch, a woman at a nearby table yelled; her voice was an unexpected thunderclap of, "Don't do that! My God, that's so rude!"


She was so sudden, abrupt, and loud that I acutally jumped in my seat, and as I turned to her I blurted out, "Jesus, I'm sorry! I couldn't help it!"

Dead silence around me.

And I realized then that she was looking at her little boy, a four year old with his finger wedged about as far up his nose as it could get.

I can still hear the snickering that followed me as I hurried out the door...

If you don't follow my other blog, A Wabbit Walking, you may not know that this coming Friday is the first day of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure in San Francisco. And you may not know about my spiffy Supergirl cape. It's pink, and I'm wearing it the first day, and on it will be the names of people who have had breast cancer--some we've lost, some who have survived, and some who are fighting.

If you have a someone, and you would like me to carry their name, I would be honored to do so. Just pop on over there and leave their name in the comments of this post.

One days 2 and 3, I have t-shirts that will bear the names of the people we love and care about. One way or the other, I will carry those names with me all 3 days.

I can't wait to meet all my teammates; fundraising isn't done, so if you're inclined and haven't had the chance, pop over to our team page; it doesn't matter to which one of us a donation goes. Though, I just might be behind everyone else. Just sayin' ;)


Angel and Kirby said...

Its better out than in! or there is more room on the outside! Sometimes you just have to let loose!

Karen Nichols said...

I'm laffin an laffin!

Derby, Ducky said...

We are all laffin here too.

kenju said...

It's almost midnight; mr. kenju and the cats are asleep and I'm laughing my butt off at your burp and that woman.
I have the unfortunate problem of not being able to squelch them, but most of mine are low decibel burps...

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Tears are running Down my face and my stomach hurt's I'm laughing so hard!!!!
(And Shaggy is looking at me like I belong in a straight jacket!)