1 September 2009

The Spouse Thingy and I used to bowl a lot. We bowled league, we bowled for fun...bowling on base was cheap fun and we weren't half bad at it. We both averaged about 160 and both have had several games well over 250. But, when my back started getting really bad, we stopped bowling often, and once we left Ohio, we didn't bowl at all.

Until today. We wanted something to do that didn't involve housework (though he did get out there and mow the lawn today) or going to the gym...we headed out thinking we'd go play miniature golf but he had the thought that we should try bowling again sometime. Neither of us was sure how my back would hold up, but hell, why not do that instead?

This was our first game... Granted, we didn't have our own equipment and were wearing ill-fitting house shoes and using non-fitted house balls that were not urethane and not drilled for fingertip bowling, but still. This was a massive pile of suck.

It was still fun. We may dig around in the garage and see if our balls are still usable and if our shoes can still be worn without sticking to the lane.

But I think we'll go out to the base. $3.50 a game at the bowling alley in town was way too much...


Klaatu said...

we just bought a Wii. It has bowling. Wii bowling rocks.
I highly recommend it.
no stinky shoes, no stinky people.
Drink all you want.
Now thats entertainment!

Angel and Kirby said...

And how did the back hold up?

Chicka said...

How are you feeling?

I agree - Wii bowling is almost as physically challenging (without the heavy ball) and if you're having a bad back day, you can sit on the couch and do it with just your arm.

If you *want* to go out to an alley, check into some of them locally and see when they have their $1 game deals.

Max said...

Wii bowling is fun but it's not the same. My back held up just fine but now my ass hurts LOL

I don't think there's any such things as a $1 game here anymore...but if we can find our shoes, that'll save some bucks, and if we bowl on base, that'll save a few more.

Found our balls, but cripes they're heavy now!

Thumper said...

That was not Max, BTW...

Marti said...

Haven't bowled in many, many years. We had an 8th grade bowling team in '64-65. 35 cents a game. How times have changed.