We're about 98% moved; there are still a few things back at the old house, but we got everything important out, just in case the house sold at auction today. It's not likely that it would wind up with changed locks before the end of the month, but we weren't taking any chances.

No kitties were misplaced during this move; they stayed in a bedroom while the Boy and one of his friends muscled all the big stuff out and into the truck, and I let them explore for a bit once most of that stuff was gone. The slinked out of the room and it was like "Dooood! OUR STUFF IS GONE!!!" but they didn't seem too upset. They meowed the entire ride to the new house, and then spent the next few hours creeping at high speed, checking out the new digs, and after a couple of hours it was like "Dooood! I FOUND OUR STUFF!"

Max spent that first night sleeping with me, meowing every 10 minutes, and flopping onto my head every 15 minutes, but he was fine the next day. Buddah spent the first night curled around the Spouse Thingy, like he knew that was the one place he'd be safe, but he's settled into nicely.

We're on borrowed Internet access tonight, but the Spouse Thingy is trying to set up DSL service, so we might actually be able to do more than a quick Hey We're Alive post soon...

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