After a week of painting, moving stuff, more painting...tomorrow is the big move, when the Boy and his friend provide the muscle to get the big stuff out of here and into the new house. We're also going from a pretty fast broadband Internet connection to DSL, and we haven't set it up yet, so I have no idea when we'll be able to get back online (from home, anyway...if my addiction is as bad as I think, I may be taking the laptop to the nearest McD's with free wireless...)

Who'da thunk that there would be no cable access at all in a town of 18,000?

Keep your fingers crossed that this doesn't stress the kitties out too much. They already know something is up and they don't like it; Max has been growling and hissing at us and Buddah, and this morning he bit me. Not hard, but a little harder than his usual just setting his teeth on my skin, enough to let me know he's not happy.

Hopefully he won't try to actually eat my face off...

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