I can now drool over the Kindle at Amazon again. Someday it will be mine...someday when I'm not feeling cheap.

So now that I can browse the World's Most Awesome Bookstore again, my attentions have returned to something of the utmost importance.

The litter box.

A few weeks ago, a rep from Tidy Cat contacted Max and asked if he would test out their new Breeze Litterbox System, and being All About The Freebies, Max of course said yes.

It arrived a few days ago, and we set it up according to directions, and have been trying to transition both cats to it since then.

Now, they like the box--to play in and dig in. Neither one will actually use the box. I had hoped that if I didn't clean their old box they would become so grossed out that they'd have to use the Breeze box, but cats don't seem to care that the litter they're climbing into is already loaded with a massive8 pounds of poop.

They're gonna win. I have to clean that box out before my sinuses spontaneously erupt in green flames.

I really want them to start using the new box, though. It would mean no more tracking of all that litter through the house. I could flush the solids and liquids seep onto a pad I can toss out. It should stink less. I'm cleaning the old box but leaving the new...just in case they get the right idea.

Oh, and if anyone at Amazon wants me to test out the Kindle, I promise I'll use it and give it glowing reviews. But I get to keep it when I'm done testing...

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