Parked next to my car in the Border's parking lot was a bright yellow little Ninja motorcycle, and standing next to it was a guy in a black leather jacket with a helmet dangling from his hand.

He oozed oh it's so pretty and I can't believe it's mine! It's mine it's mine it's mine! and I totally get that; when I was close enough I said "nice bike" because when you have a new bike, you want everyone to notice and praise it and offer it crunchy treats and a gallon of unleaded.

He grinned and thanked me, adding "I just got it. The guy I bought it from met me at L&L and we just sealed the deal."

Okay, Ninja Boy is excited and wants to talk about his new toy. I can play. I told him I had a Suzuki and was having a shitload of fun on it. And he picked a nice day to be out on a bike.

Then I asked, " long have you been riding?"

He looked at his watch.

Ninja Boy passed the basic rider's class at noon today and at 3:30 was getting ready to take his brand new ride home.

"Everyone keeps telling me I need to practice in a parking lot before going out on the street," he said. "That's why I wanted to meet the guy here."

I looked around. It's Sunday, and the parking lot is almost at capacity. Brand new rider on a new-to-him bike in an area where idiots operate SUVs and mini-vans...that had the potential of turning ugly really fast.

"Um," I said, cringing internally, "I think they meant in an empty parking lot."

Ninja Boy looked confused for a moment, and then the light bulb went off over his head.

I wished him a safe ride, and then got I my car and left. I hope he made it home all right...

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