Oddz N Endz Part 32323232.9

  • My editor, she make me cry...

  • OK, no she didn't, but she was supposed to send notes that said It's perfect! Leave it exactly like it is! YOU'RE GOING TO WIN A PRIZE FOR THIS!

  • Instead she wrote stuff like You're repetitive; you're beating the reader over the head with a single point, you need more interaction between some key characters, and oh, yeah, you suck.

  • OK, she didn't say I suck. But she did affirm my own suspicions.

  • Today was not a work day. Today was a sunny, warm, go for a long ride day.

  • Somewhere on I-505, I think I heard my bike squeal Wheeeeee!

  • Or maybe that was me.

  • I stopped for lunch at Quiznos, where a little boy looked at the bread crusts I was throwing away, and then he frowned at me and scolded me for not finishing my sandwich.

  • He also informed me that since I didn't finish, I couldn't have a cookie for dessert.

  • I told him he was right, no dessert for me.

  • For the next 30 miles, I really wanted a cookie.

  • I did stop for a drink (and t rest my tuckus) at the gas station/McDonald's, where a large group of teenage boys were milling about the parking lot.

  • As I got off my bike one of them noted the bright hi-viz yellow vest I wear over my black jacket and snorted, "Your mom make you wear that?"

  • I took my helmet off and snorted back, "I am the Mom."

  • Luckily, the teenagers had a sense of humor.

  • I did not ask why they were not in school.

  • Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice, so I'm not sure if it will be a work day or a play day. Maybe both.

  • I really do need to get back to work, because my editor, she's a meaniehead.

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