Ooohyeah...this weekend was the library's quarterly Friends Of The Library book sale, where one can purchase as many book as one desires for the grand price of 50 cents an inch. In July I bought 12 inches of books and was happy as could be. Yesterday I bought 15 inches of books as was happy as could be...and as I was placing my bounty in a grocery bag offered by the sale volunteer, she said something to me that nearly made me wet myself with glee.

"Tomorrow books will be two dollars for whatever you can fit into a bag."

A grocery bag can hold quite a few books.

I managed to get my 15 inches into a grocery bag.

So today after the Spouse Thingy got up, we headed as a family to the library; the Boy knows a bargain when he hears about it and wanted to see what wonders he, too, could find amongst the remnants of the sale. It wasn't just books; VS tapes, DVDs, CDs...Two bucks a bag.

The choices had been fairly well picked over during the weekend, but the Spouse Thingy and I still filled 3 bags. The Boy stumbled upon a entire set of books--50 of them--that easily could have filled four or five bags, but the sign taped upon the boxes in which they sat said "$2/set."

The books are copyrighted for 1909; the print style and trim style hint at a print date no later than 1945. They're in excellent condition. Another set containing the likes of Hugo was also $2/set.

I think between all of us we walked out with over 100 books.

We paid $12.

We need more bookshelves...

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