Still in Texas... Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers--it seems to be working. My mom had a heart attack, and it's been a seriously up and down week with her case being so complicated that we didn't know left from right for most of this week, but she started perking up a whole lot yesterday, and today they were able to do a heart cath, and they placed a stint in the offending artery.

While the docs couldn't give us a money back guarantee on the procedure, that was really good news; they didn't start the cath and then have to haul her in for open heart surgery.

Now the concentration is her kidneys; they used as little dye as possible during the cath, but we're waiting to make sure there are no complications there (it's been a concern this week) so if y'all could keep on with the thoughts and prayer, I'd appreciate it. Just think Pee...:)

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