I think they're watching birds in the side yard.

I'm not positive; I didn't want to get any closer, lest we disturb the non-fighting kitties...

They've been pretty good with each other lately; Max has stopped growling, finally (at us as well as Buddah), and he actually initiates play once in a while. I expected some increased snarkiness on his part lately, because we've pushed back their meal times, and Max's #1 priority in life is food when food seems like a good idea, even if it's at 5 a.m.

He adapted pretty easily to not getting fed until 10 a.m., which means I'm not getting cat-slapped when it's still dark outside. Well, not in demands that I get up and feed him. He still likes to body slam all 16-17 pounds of himself onto my face when I'm asleep, just because he can. And I frequently wake to him sitting on the bed by my pillow, staring at me.

Most disturbing, though, is when I wake to him petting me. He curls up next to my head, reaches that little paw out, and pets my face. I haven't figured out if he means "I love you" or "You know, I could shred the skin off your cheeks before you could do anything about it..." he's being good. He's letting Buddah look out the window with him. It's quiet.

Quiet is good.

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