• I finished Wolves of the Calla and am now almost halfway through Song Of Susannah.
  • You can surmise that little cleaning has been done around here, hence the kitties are licking the sink because it tastes good, what with the dirty dishes that have sat there off and on all weekend.
  • If I wait long enough, maybe they'll lick the whole kitchen clean.
  • The Spouse Thingy and I are now sharing a car; it didn't make sense to have 3 cars around here, when he works nights most of the time and I'm awake during the day
  • So of course, he had to work today, and I need to run an errand.
  • I'll do it on the bike, even though it's a bit chilly out there.
  • We came =this= close to trading in my convertible on another car. A very good price on the car was negotiated, but they wouldn't come close on the trade in--they offered $5000 under blue book.
  • Since we walked out of the dealership, they have called 3 times, wanting to "reappraise" the trade in.
  • We decided to bag it; initially we wanted something with better gas mileage because of the Spouse Thingy's commute, but the car we first looked at (Civic, 40 mpg) was uncomfortable to drive, and the one we almost bought (very pretty Camry) only gets 3 mpg on the highway more than the convertible.
  • It's National De-Lurking Week! If you're a lurker, pop up and say hi!

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