EOY Randomnesses

  • If you give a kitty a toy mouse that looks an awful lot like a real mouse, at some point you will wake up to said mousie on the bed next to your face, and it will not be a pleasant Good Morning.
  • 50 mph winds can remove 90% of the Christmas decorations from your front lawn.
  • They can be shoved in the garage, but eventually someone is going to have to put them away.
  • I still love French Fries. In fact, I think I want to take myself to lunch somewhere I can have some French Fries.
  • I am still a milestone kind of person; I think I always will be.
  • Friday was the 5th anniversary of my friend Moe's death. A big milestone.
  • I've spent several nights thinking about death; too many people that have touched my life in one way or another have gone.
  • 4th grade, the music teacher, decapitated in a wreck on the Autobahn in Munich. Our class was too young to be told that much detail, but told we were.
  • 6th grade, Kyle, leukemia.
  • 7th grade, Chris, Hodgkin's Disease.
  • 10th grade, Glen, hit by a car.
  • 11th grade, Rita, leukemia.
  • 11th grade, Alan, drunk driver plowed into him. On the sidewalk.
  • 11th grade, David, a heart attack at age 16
  • So many others since then...and then Moe 5 years ago.
  • And my father in law this year.
  • Grief never really leaves, it just settles for a while and then rises in these little wisps of choked back tears and half finished dreams.
  • It comes at you in the middle of the night, the sound of a clock chiming.
  • Or the way your own husband walks, reminding you of his dad.
  • It just comes at you, sometimes quielty, sometimes a slap in the face, but it's never really gone.
  • I miss Moe
  • I miss my father in law
  • I seriously, seriously miss my father in law.

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