Wandom Wabbit Dwoppings

  • I voted. Thus, I get to complain until the next election.
  • Voting required me to go someplace brand new all by myself.
  • AND I had to TALK to strangers, because I had no clue what precinct I live in.
  • I didn't even think twice about this until I was done.
  • Pat me on the back and give me chocolate. Trust me, it's a big deal.
  • Spouse Thingy had to work a day shift, so he had the car. So I rode my bike.
  • After I voted I took myself on a nice 2 hour tour of the town.
  • I said bad words at a stop light when it wouldn't change for me. I waited 4 cycles, then turned right because I didn't want to turn left that badly.
  • I have done no writing today, though I may stop playing online in a few minutes and try to cough up a good 2,000 words.
  • Or not.
  • Remember how we had to move? Because the owners wanted to sell?
  • They took the house off the market.
  • So their son could live in it.
  • That annoyed me for about 10 minutes, even though they had every right to not renew the lease and honestly intended to sell it. The kid really needed a place to live.
  • I know this because our kids know each other.
  • Even though it cost us a chitload of money to move, we at least got to move into a better house.
  • Yes, we are still loving this house.
  • If you did not vote, no chocolate for you. Give it all to me.

And now, for some total cuteness, sent to me in email today by my mother-in-law... The real Bambi and Thumper, as captured by photographer Tanja Askani

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