Little girl, in a sing-song voice, as she skipped into the Walmart’s McD’s today: I get to eee-eeat, I get to eeee-eeeeat!

This begs the question, is eating not an every day occurrence for this child? She didn’t look like she was starving, but she was on the thin side. A little boy trailing behind her didn’t seem as happy. Perhaps it was not his turn to have lunch?

Or maybe it was like what runs through my mind on a day when my DDAVP runs out extra early and I’m bolting for the nearest restroom. I get to peeeeee, I get to peeee-eeeee!

Oh, and in other news, people in CA need to doubly watch out. The Boy got his M1 endorsement to his license today. I might even let him ride my bike. If it ever gets delivered.

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