This thing is the most amazing contraption a person who feels cold from the inside out all the time could possibly own. A heater that doesn’t heat the space of a full room, but just the person sitting in front of it.

Or, as the case may be, the cat.

We saw this thing in Costco, and stood there marveling at the amount of warmth it generated. And the Spouse Thingy kept saying it would be perfect for my office (and for him, since it would mean he wouldn’t have to sweat bullets all evening because I keep jacking up the thermostat.) After some poking and prodding and double checking to make sure the surface wouldn’t get hot (in case the PsychoKitty decided to rub up against it) and to make sure it would click off if tipped over (in case the PsychoKitty decided to tackle it) we determined it was a worthy purchase.

OMG, I think I want a second one so I can out one on each side of my office chair. This isn’t warm like one of those old forced air space heaters. This is warm like a clean sweatshirt fresh out of the dryer.

Since he kept hogging it last night, I can only assume the cat approves, too.

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