Christmas must be canceled.
For everyone.

Why? Because it’s not Christmas without ThumpaFudge™, and so far I’ve tried to make it twice this week and failed miserably both times. The first time it came out hard as a rock, and second time it had the consistency of sludge.

Now, I’ve been making ThumpaFudge™ for over 20 years (ok, ok, it’s my Mom’s recipe…but henceforth and forevermore it shall be known as ThumpaFudge™) so you’d think I’d have it down pat. But every once in a while, something goes horrendously wrong and it turns out Just Horrible.

I’ve decided that it’s the humidity.
And the electric stove I’m not used to.
But it’s nothing I’m doing.

Still, no ThumpaFudge™, no Christmas.
Sorry, kiddies.
Maybe next year.

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