The joys of Spring…I’m not shivering so hard it feels like my fillings are going to rattle out (still cold, but not that cold—though I am now officially hypothyroid, I just haven’t been back to the doc to do anything about it, but not because I’m avoiding him, but because he’s not in the clinic right now, and if I keep going I might have the World’s Longest Run-on sentence), the tree out in the front yard has sprouted leaves, so that we have a wonderful shady spot, and we’re past the danger of a hard frost.

This means flowers.

So yesterday I wandered outside to weed the flower beds, and found myself with several little helpers in just a few minutes time. No kidding, the kids ran over to help—mostly because (I think) that my flower beds are generally off limits to digging, unlike the next door neighbor’s, and this was a chance to dig in them. But they really helped. It wasn’t just “help” but honest work.

The two older kids got bored and wandered off, but the two 5 year olds weeded half the bed around the wishing well by themselves, digging down deep for the more stubborn stuff that would have interfered with flower planting, and the two 2 year olds did the best they could to pick tiny little weeds out and drop them into the bucket.

What could have been a whole lot of extra years turned out to save me a whole bunch of time. They did an awesome job.

So today I planted a bunch of impatiens and petunias, and baptized them with Miracle Grow, which seems to be my best bet in avoiding mass herbicide. I also have lots of flower pots to still fill, courtesy of some neighbors who are moving out this week. That means I can go buy more flowers :) Hopefully flowers I won’t kill, and won’t attract too many bees.

Tomorrow the Spouse Thingy will string clear Christmas lights in the big tree outside, and then we’ll have an even nicer spot to sit.

And to drink.

There’s always the drinking…

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