It’s just a cold, really…though my neighbors may think I’m incredibly anti-social this week. It’s not bad enough to keep me locked behind the door, refusing to even peek out, but it is enough to keep me from dropping into a chair on the front lawn if other people are out.

I simply don’t want to infect the entire neighbor. Sure, I probably got it from one of the kids, but if I didn’t I don’t want to become the Typhoid Thumper of our street. And one of the neighbors is recuperating from surgery, and I surely don’t want to expose her to it. With my luck she’d sneeze and the top half of her head would come flying off, and that would make us all feel really bad.

And speaking of the neighbors…yeah, I know how I refer to them might be occasionally be confusing (next door neighbor, 2 year old of next door neighbor, other 2 year old, two 5 year olds, etc.), but they didn’t ask to be identified online and I’m sure as heck not going to plaster their names all over the Internet (satisfied, Murf? Ye who never updates his own blog.) Y’all will just have to muddle through the confusion that spews forth from my brain.

In other news: my flowers recently planted are not dead yet, the cat finds my illness somewhat amusing at 3 a.m., and it looks like my living room and kitchen threw up.

Just a little more sharing.

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