Thanks to some evil people, I am totally hooked on this online game, BeSpelled. I looked at it out of a sense of curiosity—why were all these people talking about playing this game? What could possibly be so interesting?

Holy crap. It’s an online version of the word game Boggle, for lack of anything better to compare it to. And I know a lot of words, it should be easy. Right? Right! The first time I played I hit almost 250,000 points, and figured, “Hey, this is cool.”

So, of course, I had to beat my high score. So I kept playing. And hit 396,000 points. And figured “I can do better than that.” So I kept playing.

Last night, probably around 8 p.m. I started a game, figuring I’d be done before 10 o’clock. But 10 p.m. came and I was still playing the same game, doing fairly well. Then came 11, then midnight…

I lost at around 12:45 a.m. Tripped up by a hot tile on the bottom line, an “A” surrounded by nothing but other vowels, and for some reason the game would not accept AOOUI as a legitimate word.

But I had a new high score! 648,150 points.
And I had a sore wrist from holding the mouse so long.
But I had a new high score!

Yeah, I know. I need a life…

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