Baby Blues…Well, Grays

So…the Spouse Thingy did not chicken out. He didn’t scream or cry or try to hit and kick his way out of surgery yesterday. He marched in there in his non-Velcro shoes and took it like a man…a man who 25 minutes later had eyes so bloodshot they looked as if they were about to spewt forth a bucket o’blood. His vision was blurry (to be expected) and he was told to go home and sleep as much as possible (closed eyes heal better, I suppose), but to put drops in his eyes every couple of hours.

Today he had his follow up—his vision is at 20/20, and the flaps are settled and healing nicely. He has a bit of a headache, but says it’s like a new-glasses headache, the kind you get when adjusting to a better prescription.

He goes back next week for another follow up, and then in a month for yet another, but it’s all looking good. And his blue-gray eyes are all sparkly :)

Who knows…the whole thing creeps me out, but as well as this is going for him, I might be convinced at some point, when we’re back in CA and he’s making the real money, to do it.


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