Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Just Snow

When it snowed in San Antonio, January 1985, it was understandable that a mere 13 inches shut the city down. After all, snow is not what you expect in southern Texas, and the city has no snow removal equipment. Nor do many people there know how to drive in it. Closing schools, businesses, even the Interstate, makes sense when a foot of snow hits in a normally warm place.

Now, this being Dayton, Ohio, you’d think a little snow would be no big deal. At least I wouldn’t think so. Maybe I’m just a little surprised, having lived in North Dakota for three years. When they got snow, they got snow. Three foot drifts across the driveway were nothing unusual. The Boy was 14 and learned to drive in snow there; when he was 15 he was driving after 5-6 inches had fallen with no appreciable problems. He slid off the road once, but that was on ice and a sharp curve, and there was a lot of snow at that point.

Last night we got maybe two inches of snow. It’s kind of pretty outside, but it’s nothing to blink twice at. Just little bit of nice fluffy white stuff.

Schools were delayed a couple of hours today, if not completely closed. Kids were outside playing, throwing snowballs, knocking our Christmas decorations over, sledding down the hill behind the house. They were home, having fun, and not in school, learning about math and English and the science of 1 small hill + 2 kids on slick cardboard = smashing into someone else’s fence.

(There’s a guy on TV who just said “Ice and snow are slippery.” No! Say it isn’t so!)

I wonder what’ll happen if we get a foot of snow here…
Spouse Thingy and I may be the only two brave enough to venture outside ;)

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