13 August 2020

 Life with him this last month has been up and down and up and down, and even on the good days, the stress levels have been high. Not gonna lie, my stomach has been tied in knots every damned day, mostly because we just don't know from one day to the next how he'll be, and every morning the worry is there...what will I find when I open the bedroom door?

The last couple of days have been good for him, relatively speaking. He's eating and he's been getting on my lap, and when I peek into his bedroom he's actually sleeping and not staring off into space. If I peek in and he's awake, he talks to me and usually perks up thinking I've brought him something (oh yeah, some a lot of spoiling going on; we've been taking food to him in his room when he doesn't want to come out...) I don't want to pin too much on his good days because he is 19, he's lost a lot of weight, and he just looks rough.

We hope we've finally got his medication dose under control, which seems to have been his biggest issue over the last few weeks. If he's good with that, the rest is just him being an old, old man with kidney disease. He's not going to suddenly be the Max of even a few years ago, but happy and comfortable is a pretty good thing to shoot for.

This guy went in for his checkup last week. Whereas Max was proclaimed to be "feisty" for his checkup, Buddah is "a sweetheart." This is the same cat whose teeth have been buried in my arm. He'll bite me, he purrs for them while they're drawing blood.

Most importantly, he's healthy. Down to 13.5 pounds from nearly 17, but that was intentional. It was a little more than I thought it would be so of course my brain went to hyperthyroidism, but his labs were good. 

And ya know, I sat down intending to write about something else, but...Max. 

The last Wick Shorts book is beginning to pop up in online stores. For sure it's available on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps, which means it'll start showing up on other sites soon. Print, I'm not sure. Because of his condition the editor pushed to get this through, so the typical order went out the window and we haven't even seen a proof copy and probably won't until after it's been for sale. 

This won't be the last Wick book, but we're taking a break to read a bunch of other books, and when we get back to work we're jumping forward a few years.

But this one...this one is a good capstone to the Wick Chronicles.


TX MadCatter said...

As much as I would love more Wick books, right now it's more important for you to spend quality time with Max. Take care! ♥️

Random Felines said...

Yay more Wick....and more Max