25 June 2020

So...Pledge the Pink has officially been canceled so me deciding to not go was just getting a step ahead of things. They're turning it into a virtual event (kind of a steep entry fee for a virtual, but, ok it's a charity and I'll count it as a donation.) We could get a deferral to next year, and we'd like to say sure, we'll go...but realistically, who knows? My gut says I'm done with multiple-day events because they're just too hard on my body.

I can do a virtual, no problem. Close to home, I can stop when I want, give up if I want, no one else is inconvenienced by it (unless I do it with DKM and she's used to my chit.) No travel is a bonus. But we'll see.

Next year, though, even if my doc is okay with it? It's a milestone kind of year for us. We both turn 60. We'll celebrate our 40th anniversary. We might only be able to do one big thing and I'm not sure a charity walk is it. Ideally I'd like to do something with the kids, but, again, we'll see. I'm honestly not counting on there being full normalcy next year.

What I am doing right now...a virtual 475 mile bike ride that's raising money for food insecurity in North Carolina. Yes, I know, I live in CA, but I don't know of anything similar for here and I only know about this one because of friends who live out that way. They started a team and began riding, and I hopped on because why not? It's a great cause, and I have people to prod me onto my bike every (almost) day.

I am behind them, because of course I am, but that's all right. I'm just waiting for the right time to jab a virtual stick in Jeni's virtual wheel and sideline her long enough to pull way ahead. Because I MUST WIN.*

Because it's freaking summer and I am a weenie, most of my riding is done inside, but I've got a great setup now, so it's actually kind of fun. I put the road bike up on the trainer, have a Wahoo stand in front of it and a 24" TV on it, so I can watch whatever I want, including streaming, and set up a Vortex fan near the front wheel so I don't get hot. And if I have to stop to pee, I don't have to search for the nearest restroom.

Of course, this is now Buddah's favorite place to barf...

Given how many places have been closed lately, and still don't have everything open, that last thing is major.

I kinda don't like how my office looks with this setup in it, but, eh, it's not like anyone else is coming into the house right now. And I use it a lot. It would be nice if Buddah would stop horking on the bike mat, but it seems to be THE place to barf these days. And that chit does not clean up well, not on this mat.

*I really don't care but...hey, whatever makes me ride...

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