26 February 2019

Were I less of a weenie, this wouldn't stop me from going outside for a bike ride.

I am, when it comes to being cold and wet, a royal weenie. I am the drag king of weenies.

I am the whining drag king of weenies, because I want to go outside and play, but it's cold and it's wet and it looks like it will be for the rest of the week and possibly through the weekend.

A few weeks ago, I whined less about the rain because we really needed it. But come on, Weather Fairies, enough is enough. Flooding is the issue now. We need for it to not rain for a few weeks.

No, seriously, we've hit the point where it would probably be better if we didn't have any rain for a while. Snow in the mountains, adding to the snow pack, would be good, but rain down here is just going to get complicated. Also, my mood is going to suck if it keeps up much longer.

Now, I have options. I know I have options.

I have the road bike propped up on a trainer and I have the treadmill, so it's not like I can't do anything...but I'd rather be outside and not in a small room that will quickly smell like my armpits.

There's no way I'll hit 300 miles for February. I probably won't hit 200, though it'll be close...I think I'm sitting at 170, with two days left since it's a short month.

Eh, that's actually doable, even on the trainer.

Doesn't mean I'm going to stop whining.


Thirteen days until St. Baldrick's and this might be the year that I'll be mostly okay with having my head shaved. No, I'm not happy about being bald, but I dyed my hair purple a couple weeks ago and I think I might be a tiny bit allergic to this particular dye. My scalp has itched since then, and I have a rash on my upper back, likely because as I shower, the dye drips down.

That means there's a real chance that when they shave my head, I'll have a giant red rash on the back side of my head, probably throbbing at anyone unlucky enough to be behind me, Like, who wouldn't want to see that?

I'm $443 shy of what I raised last year, but I don't really want to amp up the fundraising, not on the heels of registering for the 3 Day and getting a ton of donations for that already.

But, still, I'm sure as hell not turning down any donations. If you want to support research into and treatment of childhood cancers, click [here] and contribute to my public humiliation discomfort.


Oh, and I have one of these. A Flexispot desk bike, not the Mac computer.

It is no longer enough (hence putting the road bike back up) and it's taking up space.

If you're local-ish and interested, let me know. It sells new for $400 (and is in very, very good condition) and I'm pricing it at $175.

It's actually a decent little bike. It has a small footprint, but doesn't feel tiny when you're on it. You can ride hard on it with the tension notched up, but if you do stuff on the desk will go flying. It's pretty perfect for working up a light sweat while surfing online or reading, and quiet enough to watch TV. The desktop is adjustable, so you can get it right where you want it.


And for all you people waiting for a purple cat pen, the Spouse Thingy got his first batch of supplies and is, at this very minute, in the garage working on the first couple.

What he couldn't get are the silver/chrome bits, so if you wanted that in particular, the stuff is on backorder but he's keeping his eye on the supplier so as soon as he can, he'll order those.

Slowly but surely, y'all are gonna get your purple pens!

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Just Ducky said...

Take your pink pussy hat that mum made for you to cover your bald, rashy head. It will make you feel better, be warm AND make a statement.