6 October 2018

Okay, so the whole rejoining of the gym thing just didn't work. I like the idea of swimming and when I'm in the pool I love swimming, but my shoulders do not enjoy it as much, and it's an outdoor pool heading into cooler weather. Also, their heater isn't being cooperative and I don't want nipples any pointier than they already are.

The big thing...when presented with a choice--go to the gym or take the bike out--I take the bike. And because the temps are cooling down, it means we can go on long rides without worrying that it's going to get too hot, and we don't have to get out the door at Stupid O'Clock to beat the heat. So, the gym membership is on hold until spring, and I'm gonna ride the snot out of my bike.

Not swimming really brings me to this.

The hair.

It's been un-dyed primarily because I wasn't going to show up to my son's wedding with neon pink--or blue or red or purple--hair. Even though she never asked it of me, I promised the bride, no pink hair. And I joked that the day after, it was going pink, but...

Hair dye and swimming don't go well together. So I didn't.

Now that I can, I'm waffling on it. If I dye it, I'll probably keep dying it until March, when my head will get shaved for St. Baldrick's (oh hell yes I'm doing it again. I hate being bald, but it's for kids.)

My hair is thinning. I don't think the pre-dye bleaching is helping that.

But I dig the pink. Yet I'd also like to go purple.

This is how difficult my life is, guys. Do I dye my hair or act my age and not? You know, the super hard choices.

In other news, Max has been pre-gaming for tomorrow, when the new Doctor Who season starts. Tomorrow is a holiday at Casa de Thumper, and our asterisks are going to be planted in front of the TV starting at 9:30 or thereabouts. In the morning. Because they decided to have a global broadcast and evening in London is morning here, so...breakfast, then Who.

Yep, his life is hard, too.


Kathy Contant said...

Dye your hair. Be happy. Life is too short and the dystopian nightmare is nigh.

Elisa Rowe-Dye Mahoney said...

Dye your hair. My daughter told me not long ago that now that she and Brian are grown, I don't have to worry about carrying myself like a responsible adult. So I am going to dye my hair deep teal underneath, get 2 more tats and repierce my nose and be me again. Do whatever is going to make you happiest.

The Other Karen said...

I am going to start swimming again, but I don't really enjoy it much because I have such bad arthritis in my neck. And yeah, I know that the swimming will help the arthritis, but getting to that point takes too much swimming. Fortunately, it's an indoor pool, and they often have the temp fairly high -- like 85-ish. When that's the case, I have to listen to Mr TF whine all the way home about how hard it is to swim when the pool is over 78 degrees. Which I don't understand cuz he's like at 4% body fat and I would think that with that little insulation, he'd be happy in warmer water. My ideal temp is over 90. So I'll do a few laps and then go sit in the jacuzzi and hope that no one tries to chat me up because small talk with strangers while I'm wearing a swimsuit is as bad as getting the bad table at Starbucks.

The Other Karen said...

....I forgot to weigh in on to dye or not to dye: I think you really want to dye it, and so you should.

Elisa Rowe-Dye Mahoney said...

I'm with Mr. TF. I like the pool cool. I miss my pool we had out at the farm. Swimming is the only thing I can do where I'm not in excruciating pain for weeks. Working on the sig other to put an inground here this coming spring.

Little tip, master the resting bitch face and strangers wont bug you. I think talking to yourself rather loudly with nervous giggles thrown in tends to keep people away too, lol.

Could your doc inject your neck so it's not too bad when you get started? I just had injections in my upper back and am getting them in the sciatic area in a few weeks. It really seems to help once I got past a needle being stuck in my back.

This getting old crap is for the birds.

caircair said...

If you're really torn between dye and not dye, do wild streaks. In fact, I think you'd look great with pink AND purple streaks in your hair!

RosieS said...

Yup, this is what I thunk, too.
I have a wide strip of grey around my face and dark brown for the rest. If I brush it straight back it is Skunkhaid.
If it didn't make Hubs cry his eyes out I would go blue and purple myself.
As for piercings, we are thinking of having his nipples redone. I like piercings...on him.
Go for streaky pink & purple