6 August 2018

We're at the point with the next book where cover art is bandied about, and links to possibilities are sent to me for consideration.

I got this a little while ago, one of four in the running.

It's a nice image. I like it. It would make a fine book cover.

But...I think not for a book titled, "Jump."

But it did make me laugh, so there's that...


Vicat said...

I just snortlaughed

gael mueller said...

Horror of horrors....==snort==

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

The image is wonderful, especially if a wrap-around front and back. But I agree that it doesn't fit your title. First, it is hard to jump while sitting. Second, if someone jumped on the fragile overhang, it should be called "Fall", LOL!

Maybe if the character was standing crouched, and there was another bit of land seeming "just out of reach"?

Which reminds me of a book cover I saw criticized on a discussion board. Artists sometimes miss science facts. This one (I don't recall the title and I never read it) had a view of the night sky from a planet surface. The Sun was on the left. The Moon was in crescent phase. With the dark part on the sunward side, LOL!