4 August 2018


Sitting in Starbucks, trying to edit, but my brain cannot seem to focus right now, so I’m mostly people watching. So far I’ve seen one elderly nose-picker—and holy hell, yes, she ate it—one poor woman bolting for the rest room, bald guy with an eyeball tattooed on the back of his head, and I managed to upset a broflake when I bypassed the long line and mobile ordered from my table. That was nearly half an hour ago and he’s at another table, still glaring at me, probably because he didn’t think of it first.


Because nice clothing for fat women is hard to find, I ordered, like, $1000 worth of blazers online to try on at home. I had a weirdly good time doing that but am not as excited about it all arriving because then I have to pick something. And thank you Amazon for having Prime Wearhouse, which gives you a week to decide and then only charges for what you keep. I have spent more time surfing online for nice clothes this week than I think I did for all the Christmas shopping of the last three years. I hoped I would find something spiffy and a local store would have it, but across the board I got Nope, nothing in your size, hit he gym fat ass.

Okay, so I exaggerate. But seriously, even the major stores don’t stock what few plus size things they carry in their brick and mortar stores. Checking in a 100 mile radius yielded zero things.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, lose weight.



I’m in search of spiffy things because apparently this is not appropriate wedding attire. Who knew? Spouse Thingy has it easy; he’s just going to Mens’ Wearhouse and getting fit for a suit already picked out for him. I need a Drag King Wearhouse, someplace where I can go get fit for a nice suit that doesn’t look too butch, and then buy one in neon pink.

That’s not too much to ask for. Right?


Upset Random Dude is now on his phone, yakking, and not using his inside voice. And he’s discussing peeing. I think it’s in a medical context but I really don’t care.


I miss swimming.


The eighth book in the Wick series (third in this leg of it) is in the editor’s hands, and the beta readers liked it well enough, AND it’ll head to formatting as soon as the Battle axe is done telling me everything that’s wrong. That’ll be 8 books in a tiny bit over 2 years. I am normally not a fan of pumping books out that quickly, but there were hundreds of pages of notes and it was literally years in the making.

There are groups of authors who play online and sit back and discuss rapid release strategies as away to increase sales, and it works for a whole lot of people. They release a book a month, roughly, and they supposedly make money. But…yeah, I’ve read a lot of their books. And, no, I’m not selling my barely polished vomit draft to anyone.

I don’t pretend in any way, shape, or form to be a superlative writer. I write literary junk food; I know it, and I embrace it. It’s what I enjoy reading. Quick, absorbable, fun, wordy hot apple pie or triple layer chocolate cake. Pizza. It’s not perfect by any stretch. It won’t win any awards. But it’s fun as hell to write and to read, and yes, I often go for an emotional gut punch at least once in a book. But I don’t think I’ll ever be the writer why types “The End” on a first draft, typo-hunts and thinks that’s editing, and then uploads it to Amazon three weeks after the first words were written.

I break a hell of a lot of the rules, but editing isn’t one of them. I’ve had horrible editors, good editors, and outstanding editors…but I’ve had editors.


Max and I are still mulling over starting a Patreon account. Mostly because it’s a place we could, theoretically, share work-in-progress and offer sneak peaks and have things somewhat protected. Also…we can blog there and say what we really think. LOL


There’s a couple sitting not far from me, sharing a tablet to read from. She’s standing behind him, not sure why. I’m pretty sure she could see it if she sat next to him. But it’s kinda cute, they’re older, and she’s resting her head on the top of his head.


All right, I’ve been here 2 hours and only worked on 6 pages. Might as well go home and give housework the same dedicated care.


Jane2 said...

Excellent clothing in a wide range of sizes is to be had from

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Fullbeauty offers a lot of different options for larger women. Must be size 14 plus.

As they are a conglomeration, think online fat woman's shopping mall, there are many different styles to chose from (and price ranges)

Erin said...

Thank you so very much for releasing books only when they have been thoroughly vetted and honed to a fine pitch.
I can't tell you, as a KU fan (on a restricted income - I used to buy all my books!)how much slush pile books I've waded through, which although might be inventive and have fresh ideas, is so poorly written, that if it were a real book I would be throwing it across the room in frustration. Sigh.
But it is ultimately rewarding, because I do find authors with professional standards and don't make 1st year creative writing mistakes (over using words, random run-on thinking, not to mention spelling and grammar errors.)