9 June 2018

It pricks at me every now and then that I should be miles-deep into training for this year's 3 Day. I registered for it. I'll probably register for it the way I always did the Avon Walk...every year, with good intentions.

But...the truth is the 2017 was probably my last walk. And that popped back up last night when someone asked me how my training was going and the answer was "It's not."

My body just can't take it anymore. The training (if done right) is time consuming and draining, and the walk itself is...hard. It's a fun kind of hard and you're doing it with hundreds of your best friends that you just met that day, but still hard.

I managed it last year with Norco and alcohol. I don't recommend that.

I also managed it because the Spouse Thingy went with me and walked every step with me. It's for sure not something I would ever do again without someone who can walk my pace and knows what to do if I crash and burn.

I'm not saying 100% for sure never again, because it's an event that matters to me and I freaking love my team members. But as it stands for now, I think I'm done. I hate the idea, but that's where I am right now.


Just Ducky said...

You know what is best for your health and body. I like to walk, but no way would I want to push myself as hard and long as you do. There are other ways to support your charities. Fund raising, working the chase and support vans. You Rock!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

There comes a time...

When last year enthused you and this year didn't. When you looked to the next time with hope and then the next time with uncertainty.

When something you enjoyed stops being something you enjoy.

I used to love bowling, and then one day I didn't. I used to love fishing, and then one day I didn't. I used to love golf and then one day I didn't. Other interests come along or you go to previous ones or new ones.

It is a natural thing to change focus from time to time. Only obsessed people do the same thing forever.