24 January 2018

Max does not yet need the steps, but I wanted to get a set and get him used to them before he does. Every now and then he looks at the sofa like, "Eh, maybe," but he always makes the jump...he's 16, there's going to be a day when he can't.

So I ordered one and the Spouse Thingy set it up tonight.

 He wasn't too sure about them. But hey, we're smart people, we can convince him to give them a try.

Just add treats. Right?

No problem.

He'll just go from one step, to the next...

To the next...

And then jump onto the sofa to get the last treat on the top step. didn't expect me to just walk up those steps, did you?

I swear, he did it on purpose, like he knew we wanted him to walk all the way up. He has cubes around the house to get onto things like the bed and my desk, so I know he's familiar with using other things to get where he wants to go and if he eventually needs this he'll use it.

But still.

Furry little jerk. LOL


Random Felines said...

just to mess with you lady :)

Jane2 said...

Good idea to have the steps there waiting. I didn't realize my Phil couldn't jump anymore until I heard him scrabbling up the side of the bed...this is a kitty who could leap from the floor into the fridge freezer compartment. Now there are steps and boxes all over....and he's happy.

Just Ducky said...

You want me to use these, you must give me treats.

Shaggy and Scout said...

The steps we got for Shaggy to get up on our bed really helped him a lot.
Scout can still jump really well, but we just left them in place for him since he's 12 and it's a really high bed.

Shaggy and Scout said...

I should add that Princess has a hard time jumping and takes Cosequin but Scout will NOT allow either her or Eddie on the bed AT All. (They are both 16) He considers them interlopers.