15 September 2017

Odds & Endz #845,019,333.0001(321x782)

♦ Summer finally feels like it's on its way out, which is a relief because we've had some farkton hot days and I'm ready for fall and winter.

♦ The hot streak has made me appreciate having air conditioning, however. For what it cost to replace the damn thing, I better be appreciating the hell out of it.

♦ The arrival of fall also means longer bike rides. I bought the new bike in the middle of a heat wave and didn't get to take it out much at first, but in the last week I've put about 60 miles on it. That still doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm fat and out of shape, so it's a victory.

♦ We're using the bikes as cross training for the 3 Day. The problem is that bike riding is a hell of a lot more fun than walking, so the temptation is there to just go ride.

♦ There's about 9 weeks left until the 3 Day. We will be ready. We will be slow, but we will be ready to walk. We've discovered we really enjoy walking around downtown Sacramento, so we go there a lot. I still want to get a few long walks done in San Francisco, though. Nothing beats walking from the Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge.

♦ Spouse Thingy and I have both met our minimum goals and we're so close in the amounts that it feels like there must be a winner. I'm only $5 ahead right now. I will fix this.

♦ Max's first book in a new Wick series is out, The Space Between Whens, but we're taking a bit of a writing break so that I can focus on training and reading other peoples' books for fun. I might take notes for the next one, but actual writing thereof might not start for a few more weeks.

♦ It's almost 3pm and I forgot to eat today. This is a first.

♦ Asked Max what he wants to do this afternoon, this was the answer:

 ♦ I'm tempted to do the same, but damned if there isn't a kitchen to be cleaned...

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