10 June 2017

OddzNEndz #98,473,124

Okay, so…a month. I did not realize I had not posted here in a month. I’m not even sure how many people still read the blog, but my ego likes having one, so I’m not killing it. A lot of my favorite bloggers are far less frequent than they used to be…I think because Facebook is a thing and we talk to each other there.
* * * * *
I do enjoy Facebook; I miss the 200 blogs I used to read 3-4 times a week, but FB is the one place I feel like I really connect with other people, and where else am I going to see pictures of what my friends are having for lunch? And that’s not a slam…I am one of those people who likes the food pictures. I also like all the selfies and weird memes and stupid funny video clips. FB was made for someone like me.
* * * * *
I have had the same song stuck in my head for over two days now, and it’s giving me a headache. Cake By The Ocean. Aside from the repetitive refrain pounding inside me skull, I keep thinking that metaphor or not, eating cake by the ocean is a bad idea. Sand gets where sand doesn’t belong, it starts to chafe, and then no one has a good time.
* * * * *
I am actually grinding my teeth to the beat of the song. My dentist will love that.
* * * * *
Max has a poll on his blog (in the sidebar, if you haven’t answered the single questions) and I posted the same poll elsewhere (writer’s group, creepy people who want Emperor porn :::waves hello at my creepy colleagues::: ), and we’re getting polar opposite results.

The question: Which would you prefer for the start of the Wick After Dark series—one long novel, or three shorter novellas? Max’s poll leans heavily to one long novel. Writery people want three novellas. I think (guessing) readers just want to buy one thing, thinking it will be cheaper overall. Can’t blame them. Writers see the benefit of releasing novellas; indie writers especially look at the production costs versus the increased sales numbers.

I don’t care either way, to be honest. But it unless a bunch of stuff is edited out, it’s going to be a very long book, one of the longest I’ve written. It’s pretty much three separate stories, tied together, and will work either way. The final decision will be the editor’s, but unless it balloons to Stupid Long, I don’t see why she’d advise against doing what readers want.
* * * * *
Max officially turns 16 in ten days. In truth, his actual birthday is probably somewhere between the 8th and the 15th, but when it came time to pick a date, we went with the 20th. I don’t know why. I don’t even remember why we needed a date. Blog, maybe? :::shrugs:::

In any case, he’s officially older than any other cat I’ve had. More spoiled, too.
* * * * *
Yes, yes we did grill steaks to cut up as cat treats while we had Hamburger Helper for dinner. And again when we had hot dogs. And when the Spouse Thingy had cereal. Granted, we buy the cheap little chuck steaks, three or four for about $5, but it’s still steak and damned if Max doesn’t go nuts for it.
* * * * *
Freaking June already. Damn.


Mrs Beans said...

I still check in here! But yeah, I'm on Facebook more.

Mighty Kitty said...

I hope he gets to at leastv21 yrs old. My cyber nephew in Scotland will be 21 in July and not a thing wrong with him. He's an indoor/outdoor cat and his vet says that other that kitty altzheimers, he is a very fit old man. Anyway, I woukd prefer a long novel for Max's question. You are so awesome so keep writing and I wull keep reading.

RosieS said...

Food porn: bundt cake from chocolate cake and fudge brownie box mixes together;topped with warm heavy cream and dark chocolate chips whisked together. I can only eat 1/2 inch slice size due to calories but...whoa!
FB recipe available by request.��

Sleepypete said...

Still here ! Although I'm struggling too with having triggers for writing posts about.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Why chose on the novellas/novel. Do both. Then people can get them the way they want them.

Just Ducky said...

Me and mum still stop by to check. She doesn't read nearly as many blogs as before. Yep, more of a FB hangout now.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku said...

I found your blog after the kitties found Max. I've been posting (and reading) less frequently lately, in part due to FB.

My Sasha turned 17 just a couple of weeks ago. Like Max, Sasha has reached an age no other cat in my home has reached and thankfully he's healthy and happy. Not as fortunate though as Max as there was no steak treats.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I read blogs, but not FB. BTW, I use Stacounter to keep track of my blog traffic.

Anonymous said...

I still enjoy the blogs. Part of my morning routine. Coffee and your blogs. One of my cats lived to be 22 and was very fine until the very end (which I tried to drag out longer than I should have, but damn it is a hard decision to make, even if its the right one. I hope Max live at least that long or longer.