7 December 2016

Since Thanksgiving...

The second book of The Wick Chronicles hit the shelves in hardback and for the Kindle (and Kindle apps). If you liked The Emperor of San Francisco, you'll really like Ozoo.

Trust me. I wouldn't lie.

The paperback will be out...soonish, I suppose. It'll look identical to the hardback, but will be a couple bucks cheaper.

If you really want cheap, get the Kindle version. I highly recommend it. Why pay more? (though if you find it for free online, that's bootleg and I earn nothing, which makes me grumpy.


The annual Battle for the Fireplace has begun. Every freaking day, whether it's cold or not, Max pesters the snot out of me to turn it on. Half the time (when he wins) he bakes in front of it for five minutes, then hops into his little cubby to cool off, but I don't dare turn it off or risk the wrath of his holiness.

I sit here sweating, because the thermostat is already set to 76 (Spouse Thingy is always cold) but hey, happy cat.

He's 15. For the most part, he gets what he wants.


 Facebook is eating my comments. If you think I post too much as it is, it's worse, and FB is deleting them randomly. It's bad enough when comments made on other peoples' posts go missing, but they're disappearing from my own. I have important chit to say, people! There are quizzes to take! How else will I know that I'm a genius when it comes to made up literature, and how else will people know what I think about the fact that their 8th cousin 6 times removed got a tattoo of feathers blowing in the wind?


18 Days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special.


And some of you are surely upset because people are telling you Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, in spite of the fact that there are, like, 25 religious holidays this month. But no one seems upset that not a single person has ever wished me a Happy Whovimas. LIKE IT DOESN'T COUNT.

Am I offended? Not really. I'm not offended by being wished Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or anything else. If you do get upset, it's probably time to check your sense of privilege. And your assholery. Because if it really bothers you that some people don't automatically wish you a Merry Christmas, or they have something other than a Christmas might be an asshole.

Embrace the spirit of the season, peoples, not the letter of your own religious law.


Max's annual Toys For Tots run will be done this week; if not today, then tomorrow. The goal: fill the back of the CX-5.

And if you need another reason to pick up a copy of his books, that could be it. His royalties are truly used for charity and not his nip habit. The toy run every year is the Main Event, the one we have the most fun with.

Now, I'll be honest...if he ever hits it really big, we may ask him for a few bucks to pay off the house, but for now, he makes the charitable donations throughout the year.

And that's why he gets the fireplace when he wants.

Good kitty.


Victoria Henderson said...

The cover art rocks, no holds.
Oh, and the book is pretty amazing, too 😁

Thumper said...

Have to admit, I fell in love when I saw the first cover mockup. It fit right into one scene so perfectly. And glad ya liked the story, too :)

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We are surprised that the Man is cold and the Women is hot. It is usually the other way. TBT likes it at 68.

But we are innerested in the posting problems. We have noticed that (suddenly) half the comments we receive don't get forwarded to our email (which is where we normally read them). Just yeatrday, 4 of 9 comments were only on our blog and not emailed. Something weerd is going on...