10 November 2016

Nearly half the eligible voters in the U.S. did not vote on Tuesday. 46.6% of the adult population of the United States failed to cast a vote in one of the most contentious Presidential elections...ever.

It's not a judgment.

I don't know why so many people didn't vote. I can't even say they didn't go to the polls; there were issues with names being removed from the rolls a couple of months ago, and for all I know some of these voters were caught up in that. People were discussing online having waited in line with other voters who clutched their IDs, believing they needed them to vote (in CA, you do not) which leads me to think that some people stayed home for lack of identification. There could be a million different reasons why some either chose to not vote or could not vote; it's not up to me to judge them for it, not knowing the reasons.

But still...we had an election in which only one-quarter of the country elected the victor.

I've maintained for years that it's time to do away with the electoral college. The President-Elect himself thinks the electoral college is a disaster. This is the 5th time that the victor was, technically, the loser.

The archaic system needs to change. A government of the people and by the people needs to be chosen by all the people. What was a necessary part of the process--to be a Republic--is no longer needed. It really isn't.

And for the record, no, I didn't vote for Trump. I don't think he's qualified. But he is going to be the President, and I'm not going to start wailing about how horrific it will be and how we're all doomed. We don't know that yet. We know the things he said while campaigning, and we know the things he's done, but I think it's too soon to melt down over it.

And no, I also did not and will not start dumping friends who did vote for him. I'm watching this happen right and left on Facebook, and can't help but wonder why. Yes, you now have an insight into something you don't like or understand about someone you care about. That's life. People are different. People will cast a vote to someone they don't agree with on many fundamental levels, just to enact some change.

If you voted for him, I don't get it, but that's it. I just don't get it. I'm not holding your feet to the fire for it.

But the memes? OMG stop with all the political memes. Both sides. I might not judge you for whom you voted but I'm sure as hell judging you on the massive number of memes you post.

Let's go back to cat memes.

And let's try to be kind to one another. We're all in it together, whether we sit on the right or sit on the left or sit right on that middle line. Mourn and grieve for the horrible things that have been said and done and for the outcome if it was not what you wanted, kind. We're gonna need that.


Sleepypete said...

Cat memes are the best memes.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I understand people who usually vote but don't in a particular election because they can't decide.

I understand the few people who don't vote because the are forced out of town for some business trip.

I understand people who don't vote because they come down with some sudden illness.

But I do not understand people who just don't bother to vote. And even worse, complain about the results. If you don't bother to vote when you could, then "shut the hell up"

From the day I was old enough to vote, I have voted in every possible election, right down to mayor and I even research School board candidates. Except one. In 1980, I disliked both Carter and Reagan, there was no disputed Senate or House race, and the pollinh place line was 3+ hours long. I went, but simply returned home.

And I am still angry at myself for doing that. I should have brought a book to read in line and voted for the school board members.

The half of the eligible voters who don't vote anger me, but I;m torn. If they don't care, maybe they shouldn't vote! I want more people to pay attention to candidates and make an informed decision. They may not agree with me, but I want them to make a choice and vote. Because it matters that we are all invested in the decision..

Mighty Kitty said...

You are absolutely correct. I believe that we do need to be nice to each other and if you don't vote then don't complain. I have a couple other issues as well. 1.I believe that protesting is a constitutional right but I do not believe that leaving taxpayers with a huge tax bill for damaged property, burning of cars and businesses, beating or shooting people, and flag burning is a mature response. Burning the flag might have been ruled as a right but to me it is an insult to the fantastic service men and women who fought and died for our nation. It is just not right to disrespect those who gave their lives for the rights we enjoy in our country! Sorry forthe rant but I have the right to object also.