14 July 2016

For reals. I don't play, I don't get it, and Pokemon in general was one of those things that flew right by me when it first started, but cripes...I've been unhappily surprised at the volume of posts I'm seeing online making fun of other people for going outside and having a good time.
It feels a lot like people whining YOU'RE NOT HAVING FUN THE RIGHT WAY. 

I did see one post last night, someone who was quite happy that their kid walked a total of 5 miles yesterday. He and his friends had so much fun, they're going to do it again. They met up at a local park and found half a dozen other kids doing the same thing, and had a ton of fun hanging out and getting to know each other. 
And yet...the same people who I've seen complaining about how our kids all sit inside in front of TVs and computers are now making fun of them for going outside and doing something.

No, they don't play the way we did when we were kids. We didn't play the same way our parents did. Our grandkids won't play the same way our kids do.
That's not a bad thing.
And yes, there are some very inattentive player walking into parked cars and trees, and the company that made the app has some work to do on placement, but overall? I tend to be in favor of anything that gets kids (and adults, be honest) excited and moving.


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Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Well. I think movement is good. When I was a teen, I ran around all day. I weighed 135 pounds when I went off to college. I gained 15 pounds by sitting and studying all day, and from the fatty food in yhe Dining Halls. But I still weighed only 160 pounds at graduation. And I still do! I had a habit of being active.

Today, I started reading Jared Diamond's book "The World Until Yesterday', and in the opening pages he mentioned that the New Guineans were lean and muscular in 1960 but had developed the standard fat of modern societies by 1990. Their culture adapted that quickly to the new international trade in foods and cultural habits.

I haven't. And I don't even exercise. I just "do stuff". And I just don't eat junk 4 meals a day. And even that isn't all that deliberate. I LIKE decent food and keeping active around the house.