4 January 2013

File this under stupid things that make me weirdly happy.

I went into Walmart to look for an insulated lunch bag, because, dammit, I’m going to start taking healthy food with me when I go to Starbucks to write. Shuddup. I am, too.

As soon as I got past the entryway I spotted what appeared to be a couple of aisles of school supplies up front, and school supplies always call to me.

I don’t need anything. I have paper and pens and notebooks and other assorted school-type things in my office. I have a stack of virgin notebooks, and an unopened pack of pens, but went to look anyway, because I use pens a lot, and well…they called to me.

I mostly glanced—no pens—and headed towards the end of the aisle where I would then go lunch bag hunting, when I spotted the stacks of Composition Notebooks.

You already have a STACK of notebooks, I told myself.

But these are different! These are red and yellow and blue, and I don’t have any like THESE! I replied to myself.

I’m about 85% certain I did not say those things out loud.

Okay, maybe 70%.

But, I was strong. I left the aisle and headed towards that which I had gone shopping for, and found it not too far away. And as I picked out a pretty purple insulated bag from the massive color choices (um, purple, and a Disney Cars oriented bag) I realized I needed a small ice pack, because…warm leftover meat, yuck.

My brain then formed an image of where I had just spotted some blue ice packs, and I went back to the aisle where the Composition Notebooks were stacked. The blue ice I needed was right next to them, and as I bent over to pick one up, I spotted the price on the notebooks.

Eighty cents.

You would be an idiot to pass that up, my notebook-loving self pointed out. That’s practically free!

Indeed, agreed my stack-of-notebooks-noting self. They will be quite happy living amongst the Mead notebooks, the Moleskin notebooks, and the stenographer’s pads.

They will.



BJ Batchelor said...

Your confession for an obsession for school supplies makes me what to come out of the closet! Why would a grown woman, tired after a day of work, yearn to walk through Office Depot just to see what's new in school supplies? It's been 30+ years since I've been in a classroom yet colored ink pens, neat erasers, scissors with rubber coated handles MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! I figure, compared to some things people do to feeel better, it's a cheap high! :)

Angel and Kirby said...

Hahaha! I packed 6 printer paper boxes of school/office supplies at my mother-in l was home when we had t clear it out! They were in their 80's and I found no evidence of any of these supplies being used!

kenju said...

You are as bad as I am. I can never resist school supplies and office supplies, especially when they are colorful.

Roberta said...

Wow ... those are pretty. I would like to get them for my students. When I say ... "Please take out your marble notebooks..." it would please my senses.
I am just sayin'.
I love school supplies.

Stacie said...

I have that problem with yarn.

Lsamsa said...

Oh my...I love stenographer's pads!! Best writing pads ever!
I'll not go into my love of postie notes & jumbo paper clips & stick-pens...

Sleepypete said...

Lol - I have that problem with computer games.

Must play at least one of the ones I bought in the latest big Steam (think iTunes for games) sale.

lisa sparx said...
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