17 October 2012

I miss Borders. I really do. I think I got far more writing there accomplished than anywhere else. I enjoy the local McD's, where I've been trying to write, but I'm just not getting as much done.

Today, after dental appointments (replaced a filling, no big whoop), errands, getting my flu shot (I did not cry!) we stopped at the local Starbucks to check it out. It's been there the entire time we've lived here, but it was in a small store space, and frankly, I don't like coffee.

But...nearly two years ago the Quiznos that was right next to it went under, and the space was never leased. Last month Starbucks shut down for about two weeks to remodel and expand into that space, so I kind of wanted to check it out.

View from the front door
 It's big, a lot bigger than I expected, and this doesn't show the area with the big comfy chairs and tables, and toward the back where there's a sofa and chairs and table.

The two back walls are lined with tables for one, bench seating, and outlets lined up with every table.

View from where I sat in the corner

I bought a small iced tea--which is inexplicably called a "tall" and we sat in the back corner, just long enough for me to get a feel for how the vibe in the place is. The tea tasted exactly like the kind I got at Borders' coffee shop (I'd heard Starbucks owned it, but wasn't sure) and they have way too many things like scones and cookies for sale, but it feels like a place to write.

This makes Max happy, as I have not made the progress on his book that he feels I should have, but he'll be bummed to find out that not only do they not serve crunchy treats, they don't serve cats.

He'll be whining about speciism, I'm sure.

I'll give it a whirl tomorrow morning, see if my muse follows me. If not...they have free wi-fi, I can find something to do.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

We're confused that you heard that Starbucks owned Starbucks? You said you went into a Starbucks and got a tea that tasted exactly like the kind you got at Starbucks, but you heard Starbucks owned it? We want to know where else you get Starbucks tea in case we pass one... Although the woman is a chai hound and not an iced tea drinker so much...(oh and the green coffee drinks in the cans--not too bad, you'd never know they are coffee. The ones in the glasses are a little more watery and not so carbonated).

Thumper said...

I must have had 'Bucks on the brain...

Angel and Kirby said...

that s good that you may have found a new place to work!

Renee said...

how much does mcdonalds charge for internet? i am seriously thinkign of doign this to 1) make me walk more and 2)so i wont give into the temptation to lay on the bed or sit on the couch and find myself falling asleep, cuz, well, i dont have a desk right now. mcdonalds would force me to walk another 1/2 mile each way after walking kiddo to school and i woudl be forced to stay awake and working cuz there woudl be no other distractions. i'd feel like i was goign to work... how long can you stay at mcdonalds, how much does the wifi cost, and do you normally buy stuff when there?

Thumper said...

McD's Wifi is free! They don't care how long you sit there, at least mine doesn't. And I usually buy a soft drink...$1 + tax and you can get a large.

chaz said...

what about plugging in the laptop?

Thumper said...

This Starbucks has a ton of outlets... I haven't needed them because my laptop runs for about 8 hours, but there are plenty on hand.