30 July 2012

There was a human interest story on the news yesterday about a woman who, when she needed extra income, went to a flea market with a box of buttons and some jewelry making stuff, and sold rings she made on the spot for $3. She did so well that it launched a business, and now she sells to stores around the country.

Good for her. was a head scratcher for me. Who would want a ring made from a button? Obviously a lot of people do, but...

Maybe it's just one of my weird quirks.

I loath buttons.

Granted, I own clothing that has buttons, but I try to not think about them. I hate clothing with decorative buttons, crafts made with buttons grosses me out, and I have a visceral reaction to anything with unnecessary buttons.

I even hate the word.



Oh, and I know you people. Now you're thinking "Let's send Thumper crap with buttons!"

I will totally not be your friend anymore.



Derby, Ducky said...

Gee mum has a whole fancy box of buttons. That way when she loses one, she can find a suitable one and fix her clothes.

conny warren said...

I'm with you on the whole arts and crafts made with buttons. There's something kind of creepy about it.

Camie's Kitties said...

My mom had a button box that I used to love to play in. She would have me sort them by color, or by how many holes. It would keep me occupied for a long time. So, for me, buttons remind me of my mother. But, I respect your right not to like buttons, and find them vaguely creepy.


Mila said...

I played with my g'ma's box of buttons. But I have to agree about not liking them used in most cases. Even when I sew, I'll do whatever I can to avoid a button and instead use a slide or a snap. The only buttons I've ever really liked look so little like standard buttons that I don't think they really count XD.

caircair said...

Is it possible you have a mild form of Koumpounophobia? That's a fear of buttons.

Angel and Kirby said...

Each to their own. I will not mention buttons if you will not take me to high places!