21 June 2012

This, boys and girls, is why one should always use sunscreen: nose hurts. So does my left arm, which is twice as sunburned as my right, probably because I sat on the terrace of the Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco, and half of me was in the sun while the rest was in the shade.

Another training walk, you ask?

Nope. But we did walk a lot; by the time I got home I had 7 miles on my Fitbit. But walking was not the reason for going to SF yesterday. The reason?

My favorite picture of the day
Two of my sisters, Kathy (on the left) and Mary (on the right) were in San Francisco for the day so we hopped on BART to go see them. Plus, it was Max's birthday, so we took Flax Max along so he could see the sights.

We had an awesome time walking around the Pier and up to Ghiradelli Square, and of course had to hop on a cable car, because what's a trip to SF without taking a cable car?

Doods! I get to ride!
Unfortunately, we wound up sitting on the really get the experience, ya need to be on the outside. Inside, if you get a bench, you wind up with other peoples' crotches in your face. If you wind up wind up shoving your crotch into other peoples' faces.

I have yet to see someone in SF whose crotch I want in my face.

My 2nd favorite picture from the day, in spite of me looking like a giant grape:

Youngest, second oldest, oldest. Heh.
I believe we deemed there must be a family vacation in the future. And the Spouse Thingy, the Boy, and I had already planned on Las Vegas in November (10% business, 90% Hey, it's VEGAS!)...would be REALLY nice if they could show up. Just sayin'...

But man, I wish I had remembered the sunscreen...

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Angel and Kirby said...

THe sunburn will fade but the memories are for always (hopefully)