30 April 2011

I keep telling myself I need something to do, something new to work on. Flipside has been put to bed, I have nothing left to do with it other than some half-hearted promotion (because I suck at it) here and there, so it’s time to start something new.

I pulled up the file of something I started before flipside popped into my brain and demanded to be put first. What I had amounts to only about 5 single spaced pages, and in reading it, I kept thinking, “Hey, this is pretty good!” But then I got to where I stopped and I realized I have no idea where I was going with it. Not a clue.

So I decided to mull it over, letting it percolate in the back of my brain while I distracted myself with other things.


BMW F650 GS -- contender #1
More precisely, motorcycle porn.

I’ve spent the last week looking at pictures of bikes, reading about bikes, surfing different online for a for peoples’ opinions about bikes. I even dragged the Spouse Thingy to look at a bike, and was bummed to discover a bike I had really only had in my peripheral vision was no longer being shipped to the U.S. As soon as I couldn’t have it, I kinda wanted it.


Suzuki V-Strom 650 -- contender #2
What I’m really looking for is a spiffy bike with upright seating and anti-lock brakes. The MP3 sits in the garage mostly unridden, other than obligatory trips to keep it in operating condition, and while the Gladius is absolutely beautiful, its forward position is killing my back and shoulder. So I want to trade the MP3 in (easier than selling it because of the loan on it) and then sell the Gladius (because I won it outright, I’ll get more than trading it in) and get something that will (theoretically) work until I need to move to a ride with 3 fixed wheels.

I’ve narrowed it down to two bikes. And let me tell you, I can waste an incredible amount of time poking around online looking for information on just those two bikes. I can waste other peoples’ time by picking their brains about them. I even managed to waste someone else’s afternoon by getting her to test ride one of the bikes because her friend owns one and was willing.

Still, in all that information vacuuming, I still haven’t figured out where the story I was working on was headed.

Clearly, I need to look at more porn.


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Hopefully the story will come back to you when you pick a bike!

Stacie said...

Maybe you should write a story about motorcycles;-)

Anonymous said...

Blog for Buddah

Sleepypete said...

Shiny !

I'm doing exactly the same at the moment but with cars. I think I need to get hit on the head with a cricket ball again though because I've been looking at "sensible" cars.