9 October 2010

One of the things that had to fall by the wayside once my training mileage started to pile up was the motorcycle. On days I would normally go out and spend a couple of mindless hours riding for the fun of it, I was out pounding the pavement for multiple hours for the benefit of it.

g8I think between late August and now I've only ridden two or three times, and in total less than 200 miles.

I missed my bike.

Getting back on it was one of the things I was looking forward to; I'd pretty much made up my mind that a couple of days after the end of the 3 Day I'd pull the bike out of the garage, check the tire pressure and oil and other necessary things, and ride.

I hadn't counted on having numbish toes; I should have expected sore feet but that didn't really factor into my personal equation. I was going to be done walking, I was going to ride!

Each day, the feet are getting a little bit better. I can feel my toes, but they have that post-dentist visit feeling, when the anesthetic is mostly worn off but there's still a little residual numbness. And now when I press on the balls of my feet, I can feel the electric nerve sensation shooting into my toes. And yep, they're still a bit sore.

Today I figured I'd be good to go. I can mostly feel my feet, the rest of me feels fine--it's time to ride. So I put on my riding jeans, grabbed my boots and went to put them on...and the boots didn't fit.

Apparently my feet are slightly swollen. My walking shoes are a half size big, so I didn't really notice that. But the boots, they were tight.

In them, I couldn't feel my feet.

Well. Hell.

So apparently my motorcycle is going to remain in the garage for a few more days. I could take the scooter out--I don't need to feel a shifting peg or read brake pedal with that--but the idea of the potential bootless wreck made me think otherwise. I could ride in sneakers...choose not to.

So instead of riding, I did some writing, and am now practicing housework avoidance.

Practice makes perfect, you know...


Angel and Kirby said...

Too bad! Hope those feet and toes get better soon

Chazya said...

Sorry about your feet, have you tried ice packs? foot soak massage tub thingy? foot massager device? a good masseuse?

When I used to walk 5 miles each way on rolling hills to get to work 5 days per week I found that sticking them on a vibrating back massager worked wonders. So did long hot baths.

Been wondering when you'd get back to riding, been missing the motorcycle posts.

p/s now that you are stuck to your armchair for a couple of days, are you going to update your blog list? several are completely gone, others... years.. Mine personally, its a deadline because I purchased a domain name last year and the old link doenst work anymore.

I've been lurking at your blog and max's since roughly the first month you started blogging. I should get brownie points right?

I'd like to spend those now and see you update that blog list, not just for my sake, I lurk on some of those.... Purrlease?

Thumper said...

I culled a few out....some, like Old Horsetail snake, are on my list forever. It's easy for me to miss the dead ones, though, because I read through Google Reader and not my list...I was surprised at how many deleted blogs there were there...

Amie Sugat said...

thanks!, yeah i do two. and have to cull them every so often...

hairball manager said...

Just for the record, THANK YOU! You have no idea how many people you touched by walking for those 3 days. I just wanted you to know that you did more than raise money. You helped to raise hope and keep it alive for a lot of women who can't get to walks or who didn't even know about such things.
Just thought you would like to know.