15 July 2010

Lacking anything better to do, I finally got the tape measure out, because the more I looked at my legs, the more I began to think the kid in McD's was right.

And damned if my right calf isn't half an inch bigger than my left.

Worse, they're both bigger than they were a year ago when I started losing weight. Now, truly, this is due to massive muscle gains. I mean, that's obvious. Those muscles just happen to be sheathed in a thick layer of fat,

When I started walking, I had visions of finally losing more weight and hitting my goal, but damned if I haven't lost anything. My diet is fine, my exercise level is good, my energy levels are wonderful, but I'm stuck at this weight. I think I've added all the muscle I'm going to add, so I don't think that's it.

But...for the most part, I'm fine with it. It's now not so much dropping more body fat as it is being healthy, getting healthier, and staying there.

Even if I am gonna go through life with mah right laig bigger'n mah lef laig... ;)


Mila said...

Just tell people your right leg is your ass kicking leg ;D

Karen Nichols said...

I thought the weight would melt off like butter, too, but it hasn't happened. I guess I should just be grateful not to be standing atop mismatched legs.

Anonymous said...

If you have muscle gain without weight gain, you are losing fat! And at some point in time you will start losing weight again.
Just do not give up--you have done great so far.

Angel and Kirby said...

THat's OK. I have livem most of my live with mah right laig longer'n mah lef laig.

Marti said...

I guess those calves have to support the knees.