It's 95 degrees out and your child has a realistic looking life sized baby doll, which came along for the ride when you went shopping. Do you:

a) Take the doll with you when you exit the car?
b) Put the doll in the trunk?
c) Put the doll in your child's car seat, thereby causing a mass of concerned adults to swarm around your car, debating on whether to just call 911, break the window and call 911, or break the window and then beat your sorry ass when you get back, and then call 911?

If you shopped at the Nut Tree Shopping Center in Vacaville, CA today, you chose the wrong answer.

Oh, and you can thank the old lady with the walker for writing "It's a doll" on your window with lipstick. She probably saved you some serious bucks, because surely the next people passing by would have noted the same thing the first group did, and they might have chosen to beat your ass...

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