How spoiled am I?
The Spouse Thingy set this up for me while he was off last week:

I can work from the bedroom now, AND it's huge, so I can actually see what I'm working on. If I run MS Word at 160% view on this thing, I don't even have to squint.

When I need to, I can close the door so there's no more worrying about someone wandering through my office while I'm buried deep within a scene, because if that happened one more time...well...there might have been screaming and perhaps a little blood involved.

It's conducive to watching TV in bed together, too, in case you need to be convinced that you, too, want this sweet, sweet setup.

But I don't think the Spouse Thingy will come over and bolt it to the wall for you. Not without payment. You'd have to offer him a lot.

And you better not offer him what I did...

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