Did you hear all those bad words floating past you on the air today? Things like $#@$ and &^%@##(* and $%!^. That was the Spouse Thingy and I, when it got to be late enough in the day that it was apparent that we were not going to close on the house like we were supposed to. And we won't tomorrow either. We might close next week. Apparently no one can track down the person from one of 3 banks that needs to sign off on the whole deal.

Adding to that joy, when we got home from running errands, there was a Notice of Trustees Sale taped to the front door, so the Spouse Thingy got the joy of calling the landlord and letting her know in so many words, "Congrats! You've been foreclosed on!" Date of sale is Jan 20th, so we kind of need to close soon enough to be moved out by then.

Bad words, bad words, bad words...

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