Wandom Wdnesday

  • The book, it is in the editor's hands, hopefully for the last time. While it might blow, it no longer sucks. This, I think, is good.
  • I'm going to miss the dead guy.
  • I'm curious how many gallons of Seattle's Best iced tea was consumed in the creation of this book.
  • It's the coffee shop inside Borders, BTW.
  • A few of the people who work there have my tea ready for me by the time I get to the counter. One of these days I'm going to order something else and confuzzle them.
  • Now I can help Max finish his book. He's having a little trouble with the illustrations.
  • I'd take him to Border's, but I don't think they allow his kind in there.
  • No writing will be done this week, though, because the Spouse Thingy is off and we are going to Do Stuff.
  • If the wind would die down, we would ride.
  • Maybe this weekend.
  • I need a new book idea.
  • One that won't take two years to write and only be 60,000 words.

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