Wants revisited

My former list of the material things that I want:

  • A convertible

  • A recumbent trike

  • A Honda Elite Scooter (not sure if I mentioned that yet or not…)

  • A portable word processor

  • $100,000 cash

  • I got the convertible (ooohyeah), I got a recumbent bike instead of a trike (sweet), and I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need a portable word processor, and really don’t want one—I have a laptop computer, that’s portable enough. I still kinda want the scooter, but not because I need it or because it’s even practical; it’s just cool. And the cash would be very practical, ‘cause with it we’d get out of debt and could look towards retirement with a sense of relief and fun.

    So, since I got the biggees on my Incredible List Of I Want, it needs to be revised:

  • A Honda elite Scooter (for the fun factor

  • $100,000

  • A house. Not too big, but not too small. The 1400 sq feet we have now is nice, but a basement would help. And a 2 car garage. Oh, and a game room.

  • A pool table, but only after we get the house and have a place to put it

  • A swimming pool, but again, only after we have a house with a yard in which it can be put

  • See, when you get most of what you want, there’s always more crap to add to your list.

    Oh, I want a better body, too, but since no one can give that to me, I better head over to the Y and swim a lap or 80…

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