'Esplainin' The 'Too...

Ok so I have to ask WHY is Thumper there, besides being cute ~ WendyWings

I think I mentioned the Why of the Thumper tattoo once, but that was a long time ago, before I had it and was still in the "someday this is what I'm gonna get" phase. If you've heard it before, go peek at the funny kitties instead.


It started out with just Thumper; it was a nickname anointed upon me at a karate tournament (no beating up of my opponent involved; it stems from a muscle spasm, which again shows you just how bada$$ I am...) and I've wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember. Thumper seemed like a good thing to get.

So about 14-15 years ago, using a coloring book as a guide (again, I am SO hard core) I sketched Thumper, his arms thrown back, obviously joyful.

The puddle came a few years later, after Real Life reared its ugly head a couple of times. Where Thumper is me, the puddle represents chronic pain, losing some close friends--one basically to medical stupidity, another to breast cancer--and losing my father in law, and a tumor that leaves me fighting violent thirst and volumous peeing. The puddle is the bad stuff, all the bad stuff that anyone has to go through; it's not that my bad stuff is a special kind of crap, but in the grand scheme of things, everyone will lose friends and family, everyone hurts and stings, everyone has a medical oopsie now and then.

Still, life is good. Thumper standing in that puddle, arms thrown back, soaking in the joy of just being...that's what the tattoo is for. It's just a reminder that once in a while the Big Bad will seem huge, but life is always good, and always worth celebrating.

Stop gagging.


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